Mastery MindFuse™ Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mastery MindFuse™ use subliminal messages?

Mastery MindFuse™ uses NO subliminal messages. All the affirmations are right there for you to see and are paired with powerful images.

How often should I use Mastery MindFuse™?

Mastery MindFuse™ should be practiced daily.

How does Mastery MindFuse™ work?

Mastery MindFuse™ uses audio technology that quickly and effortlessly allows you to experience a transformative state of mind that was once difficult to reach and often required years of meditative training. While in this state, Mastery Mindfuse™ infuses beliefs for mastery into your mind.

What are the “words” behind Mastery MindFuse™?

The “words” in Mastery MindFuse™ are upfront and can be easily read while using Mastery MindFuse™. They are simple, powerful statements that will be infused deeply into your mind.Once these powerful and loving statements are infused into your brain, your life will begin changing on its own.  You will feel different.  You will believe differently.  You will be empowered.  It is an awesome process to experience.

Is the screen supposed to go black during Mastery MindFuse™?

Yes. During these portions of the program you will be instructed to close your eye, relax and focus on the music.

Does Mastery MindFuse™ work on children?

Brainwaves in children are different than in adults. Mastery MindFuse™ changes brainwave patterns. While brainwave technology has been used for children, it is worth doing some research before deciding if you want your child(ren) to use it. You may want to ask your doctor’s opinion. Mastery MindFuse™ is definitely NOT recommended for any child susceptible to seizures.

What makes Mastery MindFuse™ different from other technologies?

Mastery MindFuse™ is the only technology that uses brainwave entrainment, breathtaking visuals and riveting-breathtaking statements that incorporate the phenomenal power of Outrageous Mastery®.

Does Mastery MindFuse™ work for the hearing impaired?

For the hearing impaired we advise you to use Mastery MindFuse™ on the highest volume setting and with a good set of headphones. Your body and brain will be able to decipher the brainwave technology.  Instead of closing your eyes when the screen goes dark (it will do this twice – at the beginning and toward the end), keep them open looking at the screen.  Most importantly, do not worry that it will not work for you or that you will miss anything.  You won’t.  Relax.  Gently enjoy the sensations and power that will flood your mind and body.

What state of mind is best to use Mastery MindFuse™?

It doesn’t matter what state of mind you are in before you use Mastery MindFuse.  Mastery MindFuse™ will automatically put your brain into the state it needs to be in.  Mastery MindFuse™ should be practiced when you are alone.

VITALLY IMPORTANT: Mastery MindFuse™ is meant to be watched from start to finish in a linear fashion meaning straight through from beginning to end. You will not get the positive or powerful effects of Mastery MindFuseTM if you skip any portion of it.

To get maximium results from Mastery MindFuse™, it is important to watch in “Full Screen Mode.” To do this, click on the icon as shown in the diagram below, then move your cursor to the black area of the screen.

Press the play button as shown in the diagram below.

When the program is finished playing, press the “ESC” key on your keyboard to exit “full screen mode.”

I would love to hear your personal experiences with Mastery MindFuse. Feel free to comment below.

Now – - – Relax – - – Enjoy – - – Mastery MindFuse will do all the work.

Prepare to feel amazing!




Safety Disclaimer and Product Use Policy

VITALLY IMPORTANT: Mastery MindFuse is meant to be watched from start to finish in a linear fashion meaning straight through from beginning to end. You will not get the positive or powerful effects of Mastery MindFuse if you skip any portion of it.  There is even the possibility that you may end up drowsy or with a headache.

Mastery MindFuse contains powerful brainwave entrainment audio tracks to put your brain into a receptive state. Although we are unaware of any health risks associated with the use of Mastery MindFuse, if you are suffering from any serious health condition, you should consult with a physician or other professional health care povider before using it. It should not be used if you are prone to seizures, have a heart condition, and/or wear a pacemaker, or have epilepsy.

Additionally, you should never use Mastery MindFuse while driving or operating machinery. You should wear headphones while experiencing Mastery MindFuse to prevent the unwanted brainwave entrainment of others around you and to get the full effect of Mastery MindFuse.

Mastery MindFuse will do all the work.
Prepare to feel amazing!